The start of selling

Good news! Our beads have finally arrived in Holland! Friday the 20th of December we cleared our schedules and started making the bracelets. We decided to make a variety of   bracelets, so there’s something for everyone. We make the bracelets ourselves, this way, we are able to make exactly what we want and adjust to what others would like to see . The reason that the beads were delayed was because the person who was supposed to take them from Ghana to the Netherlands wasn’t granted a visum, which made it impossible for him to come over. We tried calling a company that is specialised in Ghanaian mail, but unfortunately they didn’t call us back. As a result, we asked Anita, the lady we were in contact with about the beads, to ship the beads with DHL and let us know how much it would cost. Due to the high price we decided to dispatch half of the products and let another school, that is going to Ghana in February, bring back the rest. We still got 7,5 kilos of beads, which means we can make plenty of beautiful bracelets. You can take a look at the site under ‘webshop’ where we posted the pictures.

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